Pirbright Tennis Club

Pirbright Tennis Club

Welcome to our new web site

The main function of this web site is to invite prospective members to contact us, and to provide some basic information about our club.
It is not meant to give up-to-date information regarding the activities, or team results, although we may do this in future.

Members or Visitors DO NOT NEED TO LOG IN OR REGISTER ON THIS SITE. No member details are kept here, except contact email addresses of the officers and committee members.

We have now moved to online court booking, and you will find the link to this in the 'links' on the left menu. Only members will be able to register for this service, and they will need to use their email address and a password to register at first. A confirmation will arrive by email for authentication.The court diary is no more.All entries in it have been transferred.

Please use the CONTACT option above to email the committee regarding any matter, including new inquiries for membership. Also, if you have any suggestions about the design or content of this web site or the online booking system, please be in touch with us.

Claire Seager
Pirbright Tennis Club
01483 475308